Testimonials are collected as part of our feedback process after each session.

  • Qiuyu

    Graduate in Software Engineering, Ph.D. Columbus, OH

    Thank you so much for the helpful feedback, which includes lots of details I did not pay attention to. The follow-up materials are also useful to help me prepare for the upcoming interview.

    Mock interview for Facebook.

  • Nordine

    10 years in Software Engineering France

    I'm fully satisfied with the experience. The interviewer did his best to help me improve. He asked relevant questions, identify my weaknesses and gave me valuable feedbacks. I would recommend to anyone willing to improve his interviewing skills. Update: I get an offer from Facebook!

    Mock interview for Facebook and Microsoft

  • Chris

    5 years in Software Engineering Vancouver, BC, Canada

    The interviewer has given me so much insight and advice I really could not ask for more! Fantastic interviewer, she even spent some extra time with me to give me more resources. 45 + about 25 minutes of extra time! Thank you again, I appreciate it very much

    Mock interview for Google

  • Shantanu Kshire

    4+ years in Software Engineering Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

    I had a great interview experience with Mocki ! Interviews were taken by highly experienced professionals from top-tech companies. The experience is as close as it gets to a real interview. I really liked the questions which were tailor picked for desired role and were challenging/open-ended. Post-interview discussion and notes are extremely helpful and gives you critical points to focus on during your preparation. Overall, I feel the experience has certainly boosted my confidence level ! Hope to stay connected with professionals @ Mocki

    Mock interview for FAANG.

  • Renee

    Photograph, Career shifter Brooklyn, New York

    I wish I met you earlier! The good thing is that becoming a web developer is my dream, and I never give up on my dreams. I'm just a little impatient and I needed guidance :-) i'm trying very hard and learning more everyday. I was learning advanced topics too prematurely. We needed to take a step back and work on fundamentals.

    Web development tutoring

  • Anu

    12+ years in Software Engineering San Francisco, CA

    Thanks for the positive feedback and vote of confidence :)

    System design mock interview oriented for an SDM role at Facebook.

  • Inno

    6+ years in Software Engineering Seattle, WA

    It was more of asking concepts for system design, rather than open ended question designing an app. Also he was pretty lenient on me. [Update: I just wanted to say thanks for helping me prepare. I got the offer today :)]

    Mock interview to practice system design and coding for an SDE II position within a notorious online travel agency .

  • Tony

    10+ years in Software Engineering California

    A wide range of penetration on my knowledge base. Final feedback gives me great help on my weakness and help me improve.

    Mock interview for targetting a senior Software Engineering position at Google.

  • Prapthi

    3 years as Software Engineer Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts

    I have used other websites before. This is the first time I feel like it's a real interview and that the interviewer actually prepared for it! Thanks a lot for the feedback.

    Preparing for an on-site interview at Amazon

  • Justin

    10+ years as Software Engineer Houston, Texas

    Super helpful. I just wish you guys had a dedicated code sharing and conferencing platform of your own.

    Mock interview for preparing for a phone screen interview with Amazon AWS.

  • Yinghua

    3 years as Software Engineer Mountain View, CA

    Thank you so much for all of your help! I was feeling very lost and overwhelmed. Our session helped me evaluate myself and gain confidence.

    Mock interview for preparing for an on-site with Amazon Alexa in Machine Learning and Speech

  • Emmanuel

    15+ years in mobile embedded Software Engineering New York, New York

    Much better use of my time than or other free or paid websites I have used in the past. Too bad no platform like coderpad.

    Mock interview for preparing for a Senior iOS Engineer Position at Amazon

  • Ben

    20+ years in Software Engineering London, UK

    Thank you for the Mock interview! It was very useful and I look forward to your report

    Mock interview for Facebook and smaller startups in London. Mock interviews after 10+ with the same company!

  • Aaraddhya

    5 years as Software Engineer San Francisco, CA

    Thanks! Yesterday’s mock interview was very helpful. I nailed the system design interview today.

    System design mock interview for startups in CA.

  • Lee

    10+ years in Software Engineering California

    Thank you for the feedback. I found that all the feedbacks from you are helping me a lot! I am checking out the follow-up materials you've shared with me. :)

    Mock interview for Google and Amazon.

  • Jay

    10+ years as Data Engineer California

    The live and written feedback is extremely helpful.

    Mock interview for preparing for Data Engineering role at one of the big 5 in the Bay Area.