Testimonials are collected as part of our feedback process after each session.

  • Renee

    Photograph, Career shifter Brooklyn, New York

    I wish I met you earlier! The good thing is that becoming a web developer is my dream, and I never give up on my dreams. I'm just a little impatient and I needed guidance :-) i'm trying very hard and learning more everyday. I was learning advanced topics too prematurely. We needed to take a step back and work on fundamentals.

    Web development tutoring

  • Anu

    12+ years in Software Engineering San Francisco, CA

    Thanks for the positive feedback and vote of confidence :)

    System design mock interview oriented for an SDM role at Facebook.

  • Inno

    6+ years in Software Engineering Seattle, WA

    It was more of asking concepts for system design, rather than open ended question designing an app. Also he was pretty lenient on me. [Update: I just wanted to say thanks for helping me prepare. I got the offer today :)]

    Mock interview to practice system design and coding for an SDE II position within a notorious online travel agency .

  • Tony

    10+ years in Software Engineering California

    A wide range of penetration on my knowledge base. Final feedback gives me great help on my weakness and help me improve.

    Mock interview for targetting a senior Software Engineering position at Google.

  • Prapthi

    3 years as Software Engineer Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts

    I have used other websites before. This is the first time I feel like it's a real interview and that the interviewer actually prepared for it! Thanks a lot for the feedback.

    Preparing for an on-site interview at Amazon

  • Justin

    10+ years as Software Engineer Houston, Texas

    Super helpful. I just wish you guys had a dedicated code sharing and conferencing platform of your own.

    Mock interview for preparing for a phone screen interview with Amazon AWS.

  • Yinghua

    3 years as Software Engineer Mountain View, CA

    Thank you so much for all of your help! I was feeling very lost and overwhelmed. Our session helped me evaluate myself and gain confidence.

    Mock interview for preparing for an on-site with Amazon Alexa in Machine Learning and Speech

  • Emmanuel

    15+ years in mobile embedded Software Engineering New York, New York

    Much better use of my time than or other free or paid websites I have used in the past. Too bad no platform like coderpad.

    Mock interview for preparing for a Senior iOS Engineer Position at Amazon

  • Ben

    20+ years in Software Engineering London, UK

    Thank you for the Mock interview! It was very useful and I look forward to your report

    Mock interview for Facebook and smaller startups in London. Mock interviews after 10+ with the same company!

  • Aaraddhya

    5 years as Software Engineer San Francisco, CA

    Thanks! Yesterday’s mock interview was very helpful. I nailed the system design interview today.

    System design mock interview for startups in CA.

  • Lee

    10+ years in Software Engineering California

    Thank you for the feedback. I found that all the feedbacks from you are helping me a lot! I am checking out the follow-up materials you've shared with me. :)

    Mock interview for Google and Amazon.

  • Jay

    10+ years as Data Engineer California

    The live and written feedback is extremely helpful.

    Mock interview for preparing for Data Engineering role at one of the big 5 in the Bay Area.