Mocki’s affiliates

Affiliates get money for promoting out to the world.

Refer someone, get $20 USD upon the 1st booking on

Write a post, get $10 USD once posted on (see acceptance criteria below). Coming soon: get a commission per customer acquired through your content. affiliates

Send us an email with the email address or name of the person you promoted mocki to. We are working on an automated affiliate link mechanism. affiliates

Affiliate bloggers on get:

  • paid for writing content.
  • a commission for driving customers to through search engines (coming soon).
  • a backlink to their website in their user profile.

Acceptance criteria for a post

You will get paid once your post meets the following acceptance criteria:

  • Submit a blog post proposal for approval before you work on it. Another affiliate may be writing on the same subject.
  • No plagiarism. We have tools to check this (Grammarly is one of them).
  • The content has to relate to either: technology, interviewing, jobs, education, productivity, personal development, mentorship, anything evolving around the world of software engineering.

As long as your post brings something to our readers, it is likely to get approved by our moderators.

”How to start your microbrewery?” Sure! Being passionate is a strong catalyst for success. We love such stories.

  • Minimum 500 words. See this interesting article about the subject.
  • Your post has to be SEO optimized. We rely on Yoast SEO for this. Most checks have to be green.
  • Once your content is online on, we reserve all rights on it. Included, but not limited to: deletion and modification. You accept these terms by submitting your proposal.


How do I submit a blog post proposal?

Reach out to us with your proposal.

What platform do you use for blogging on

We rely on WordPress. You will get an account to work on your 1st blog post.

I don’t want my name out there.

You can stay anonymous. You are free to choose any nickname you want.

How are payments made?

Through our business PayPal account.

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