Andrew, Founder, Mocki.co My name is Andrew, I have started Mocki.co with the mission of helping engineers from around the world improve their interviewing skills and find light when facing challenges in their career. I have been in the field of software engineering for over 10 years.

I came to realize that this is really hard to get truthful and honest feedback after an interview. Some folks we helped on Mocki.co shared that they felt lost and discouraged after receiving negative answers from their dream tech companies. So how can you improve yourself without knowing what went wrong?

I've had my doubts about my career. I wish I had had someone, with an external eye, to talk to. To help me find my purpose and set my priorities straight. I wanted to be there for people who have no idea where to take their software engineering career to.

Because Mocki.co is all about transparency: I used the alias of "Matt" when I created Mocki.co. I didn't want people to know my real identity and didn't want to spend time on legal related research. I learned a lot since then. If you see comments about "Matt" on various websites and reviews, well, know that this is me, Andrew. Matt was a shorter version of my son's name, Matti.

Needless to say that running a platform like Mocki.co cannot be done alone. If you are passionate about helping others, reach out to me.